Big Boards, Dashboards and Trackers

The best computer systems in the world simply put the information you want and need in front of you in exactly the format you want, when you want it. Whatever that might be. Quick. Easy. Efficient. Effective.

Our big board technology refreshes every ten seconds.

Pulls from existing data sources or new. Intuitive links, searches, lookups and consolidations. All the information you need at your fingertips or beckon call. Visual and touch-sensitive interactive smart boards, electronic whiteboards, status trackers and flow sheets. Simple displays in constantly refreshing format. Create custom views to meet your exact needs.   More

* Revolutionary advxml24x7 technology ™ for iPhone, iPad, touchscreen smart phones, tablets, Google Android, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Asus Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, Microsoft Windows Azure, PC, Apple Mac, Unix, Linux, legacy mainframe and Internet cloud-based applications. Charts and graphs. Ideal for real-time business intelligence, analytics, and data mining. Great for presentations.

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